Starbase 999, the Base on the Edge of the Galaxy

Welcome to Starbase 999, the Base on the Edge of the Galaxy. It sits on the other side of a wormhole connecting just outside the Sol system that has reappeared again after 200 years. What will the brave explorers find in another galaxy? Join and find out!

What is Starbase 999?

Starbase 999 is a play by post RPG, commonly referred to as a simm or simulation in the Star Trek RPG community. It is completely freeform, not bound by mechanics of dice, and the story telling is done by the entire team, not just a dedicated GM. We will also be adding many other sci fi elements from other sources as we go along, so if you wanted something not exactly part of the Star Trek universe, just let me know.

Who are you?

We are the crew of the starbase of course! I am Captain Drakur Kanotae Redragon, Commanding Officer of Starbase 999. I also serve as a game master of sorts, providing the overarching plot arcs that will direct our story. Now of course, the question is, who are you? Are you our Medical Officer dedicated to helping save the lives of the crew? Are you our Intelligence Officer, ferreting out the secrets the enemy has hidden from us? Are you the Engineering Officer keeping the whole damn thing together and running? Apply now and join us!

I have this great idea for a story, can I be GM?

That's not exactly how this works. I am, however, open to any suggestions you may have. I would be more than happy to sit down with you and flesh out a story arc that we can then run when it fits. I do try to keep everyone involved as each arc or "episode" unfolds, so that is why I say that it needs to be a collaboration between us.

No rules, eh?

Not exactly...we don't have a rules based system, but everyone is expected to be believable. Not everyone is the best at everything. Everyone has strengths, everyone has weaknesses. And we do also have a little blurb on rules for you to read.

Are you affiliated with...fleet?

Short answer, no. We don't do fleet affiliations because that also provides limitations. I also am not exactly a fan of the politics in some of the fleets that are out there and didn't want that to be a part of this game.

Your Dragon's Den?

Our simm is associated with Your Dragon's Den, a respite from reality. Several of our members on the simm actually run the business in their spare time. Check out our other associated simms at the simm page. Feel free to explore the site while you're there!

Latest News Items

» Chief Engineer

Posted on Fri Oct 12th, 2018 @ 7:56pm by Captain Drakur Redragon in New Characters

Please welcome our new chief engineer, Lieutenant JG Nikola Darwin!